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Caribbean Arts with Lydia Perez and Yoruba 2 

Lydia Perez

Lydia is a talented dancer and cultural practitioner who’s positive energy is contagious. Her work is equally as powerful as it is necessary in telling the story of her mother island Puerto Rico. She is a well respected leader in our community and extremely supportive of the arts in Rhode Island. It is with great pleasure that I recommend and endorse Lydia Perez. She is a beacon of light in the RI cultural landscape. Donald W. King, January 2021.

Creative Director, King Saint Germain

"RILA is the oldest, continuous non-profit organization serving Latinos and advocating for Latino art, culture and history in the state of Rhode Island. We have had a strong positive history with both Lydia Pérez and PRIAA since the 1990s. We continue to support PRIAA in every endeavor and look forward to working with Lydia in future projects". Marta Martinez, Executive Director of Rhode Island Latino Arts Network (RILA), May 2015.

"CityArts has had a long positive history in working with Lydia Perez, Yoruba2 and PRIAA since 1998. Youth are excited when Lydia and her dancers/musicians enter our studios, to celebrate Afro-Caribbean traditions. Parents and family members are especially proud to see a new generation embrace their heritage, and to see their culture enjoyed by others who have had no prior exposure". Barbara Wong, Executive Director of Providence CityArts, March 7, 2013 .

“Lydia contributes to promote the advancement of cultural opportunity and economic prosperity for the City of Providence and its residents”. Lydia brings to Rhode Islanders energy, harmony, happiness, diversity and respect". Mrs. Lynne McCormack, director of Art, Culture & Tourism in Providence.

"Lydia is an extremely talented artist and ambassador for the AfroCaribbean culture. Her knowledge and ability to entertain while teaching is legendary”. October 20, 2011 Pablo Rodriguez, MD, President and CEO, Women's Care.

“Lydia is a highly motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, innovative and dedicated artist/arts administrator. She has done a tremendous job of education, community outreach and promotion of Puerto Rican Culture in the region". October 20, 2011; Dr. Steven Pennell, Coordinator Urban Arts and Culture, University of Rhode Island.

"Lydia Perez brings a dynamic level of professionalism combined with deep creativity to all her work. She is a natural educator and a master dancer who enlivens others as she works". October 26, 2011, Paddy Bowman, Director, Local Learning: The National Network for Folk Arts in Education.