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Caribbean Arts with Lydia Perez and Yoruba 2 

Lydia Perez

Lydia started Yoruba 2 with her husband and two daughters in November 19, 1998 in commemoration of the Discovery of Puerto Rico. Now, Yoruba 2 is an award-winning and nationally renowned traditional music and dance troupe from Rhode Island that brings Puerto Rico and the Caribbean culture to the region with the Caribbean Arts program. The group is known for playing genres of music such as Bomba or Plena.

Lydia performs and teaches music and dance that is inherited through her "blood and spirit". She has been working for 30 years as a Singer, drummer and dance, She is an Arts administrator and leadership in her community. Lydia promotes and supports others Latino artists, groups and organization in Rhode Island.

Members (Rhode Island)

Lydia Perez, Founder/Director, Singer, drummer and Dancer

Wendell Rivera, Co-Founder, Buleador and Chorus

Yidell Rivera -Cuá and chorus

Dorothy Rivera -Dancer and chorus

Luis Arias, Music Director, repicador, chorus and Caribbean rhythms

Jesus Andujar- Buleador, repicador and Caribbean rhythms

Eddie Vargas-Buleador and repicador

Artistic Associates (New England)

Carlos Cruz, Poet and Repicador

Manolo Mareina - Buleador, Plena singer, and chorus

Heshima Moja -Director of Souljourn Music Group

Rene Gonzalez- Repicador and Buleador

Victor M. Sterling- Repicador

Brendaliz Cepeda- Bomba Dancer

Sixto "Tito" Ayala- Repicador

Abdon Ortiz, Singer and Buleador

Eliud Rosario, Buleador & chorus

Bernardo Hernandez, Cuatro Puertorriqueño and Bass

Lorena Garay, Guitar and Cuatro Puertorriqueño